What are Cookies and Why They are Needed on the Service

Cookies are text files stored on a bettor's PC or smartphone when visiting a platform. They contain alphabetic, numeric characters, are stored in the browser used to view websites. Cookies ensure the retention of information about the bettor's behaviour online and may contain information about login, personalisation settings, history of sections that were opened.

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Features of cookie files

By agreeing to the platform's terms, the bettor unconditionally agrees to the use of cookie files. Opening the site through a browser that accepts cookies is also considered a consent to the use of cookie files by the rights holder.

Such files cannot be used to transmit viral software or launch programs. When a bettor opens the platform, cookie files are sent to their browser and recorded on the PC or phone storage. You can block the use of cookies in browser settings.

Purpose of cookie files

The platform, using cookie files, collects various data. Through cookies, the site obtains such information as:

  • IP address;
  • The web address from which the platform was opened;
  • Information about the sections that were opened;
  • Other technical information.

Collected data is used to analyse traffic, its sources, to improve the platform, making it more convenient for bettors. Also, through cookies, the company monitors access to ensure the platform's security and detect potential violations.

Types of cookie files

The platform uses different types of cookie files. There are 3 main types of cookies:

  • Essential - used so that bettors can log into their account and prevent fraud.
  • Preference files - used to remember settings that change the design, functionality of the platform. For example, a cookie may contain information about which interface language the bettor activated.
  • Analytical - used to collect data on the use of the platform, to improve the site. Such cookies also test new advertising, platform sections, track how bettors perceive changes.

To delete cookies or configure your browser to refuse them, open the help section of your browser. Note that disabling cookies may cause certain sections of the site to function incorrectly.